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    BrazingInduction Melting/CastingArc MeltingHot PressingSinteringAnnealingDiffusion Bonding/Solid State JoiningQuenchingHeat TreatingBrightening

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    3. Size/weight of part (required):inchesmillimeters
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    4. Size of furnace (required):inchesmillimeters
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    Diameter by Length /Height

    4a. Orientation of Furnace: HorizontalVertical

    5. Throughput quantity processed:/week

    5a. Above throughput on 123 shift basis

    6. Is this a new process for you? yesno

    6a. If not a new process, what are you using now?

    7. Type of high vacuum pumping:

    8a. Automated Computer Control? yesno

    8b. Automatic Vacuum System control only? yesno

    8c. Manual control only? yesno

    9. Auto temp ramp/soak control? yesno

    10a. Desired vacuum level prior to process: torr

    10b. Desired vacuum level during process:torr

    11. Backfill pressure / Type of gas
    a. torr/
    b. torr/

    12. Temperature at which material can be removed: deg. C

    13. IVI Gas Cooling required-Saves production time: yesno

    14. Special cooldown:
    a. From deg. C to deg. C Time:min.
    b. From deg. C to deg. C Time:min.

    15. Any special preconditioning/postconditioning? (please explain)

    16. Minimum number of machines desired for production of above:

    17. Utilities available:
    VAC Phase Hz
    Water – CityWater – ChilledLiquid Nitrogen
    Compressed Airpsig

    18. Type of Quench desired: LiquidGasNo Quench